Monday, May 6, 2013

I Get It....I Just Don't Understand.

I am completely aware of the changes going on.  Not only in the world, but in me.  We are overwhelmed with technology.  Thrown at us from every direction.  I am an old-school technology whore but I think I'm ready for rehab.  We are plugged in all the time to the computer/cell phone/internet whatever.  When most of us were children, we had no idea these things would be developed in our lives.  Now we feel behind when we don't have the newest gadget.    Lately with the updates in apps for your phone for the most popular social network sites.   (Social Network... Isn't that the most peculiar term?  We're suppose to be social, but what it's done is reduced that activity.)  I complained earlier this week on how I know to much about individuals.  I know they "LIKE RICE".. I know where their kids are.  I know they're not at their house all weekend.  It seems odd to me that we're announcing that on the internet.  TO THE WORLD!!!  I can guess what political party you're affiliated by your "LIKES" and post.  Even if you don't announce it to the world, you have.

I think I'm overstimulated by everything.  

Now with that in mind, I also understand the changes in me.  I'm at that age where females have a complete transformation.  Unfortunately I'm short tempered, but  I try to hide it.  I become frustrated because I expect to much from people.  I know I set myself up for disappointment.  So I'm working on not expecting anything from anyone.  That's rather difficult when my lowest expectation is that a person have some form of common sense and I realize I even set that expectation to high.

Tonight I will make Mexican. I'm weird and I like to do theme things.  So I am making tacos and burritos.  Simple food.  The men folk won't eat too odd of meals.  I planned the meal and I'll cook it.  I'll make too much because I think I need to make enough for an army.  I've never actually fed an Army, but I bet I could feed some of them.  I never get the reaction I expect, so I am disappointed in the reaction I get.  The fact I'm not good at cooking but attempt to do something with a theme is a stretch for me.  Then to not feel appreciated is disheartening.

This subject is very disconnected.  That's how my brain works now.  I get why people do what they do, I just don't understand. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

The "I Told You So" Dance.

Last week was an incredibly busy week at my office.  I took a call from an older woman on Monday who was planning on investing in a company.  Now I'd made her wait over the previous weekend before she invested because I didn't like the way it sounded.  Now she was new to our organization and immediately wanted to send her hard-earned money to a foreign country.  I spoke with her and she was convinced that everything was legit and I was wrong!  So she sent her money to Australia.  Same day, she wanted to send more money.  I was unaware of this request at first, but became aware by staff a little while later, but I'd started to do research and still wasn't comfortable. So a decision was made and I prohibited her sending a large sum to Czech..

In the meantime, I used channels available to me to broadcast this company out to other organizations and see if anyone else had heard any information on this group. I wasn't comfortable with their process.  I wasn't comfortable with what they were asking individuals to do.  I just had that gut feeling that something just wasn't right.  Always go with that feeling, by the way!  I received some information back, but what I learned is that others that are in my position were experiencing the exact same scenario we were.  Clients wanting to invest large sums of money for high yield investment (HYIP) that they had received or been invited from friends, relatives and church members.   = PONZI

On Tuesday this woman was HOT with me.  I had prevented her from investing in an organization that was "GODLY" and that she was absolutely sure was doing good. Plus, I'd also prevented her from making what she thought was an insane return on her investment.
In the mean time, 2 other clients had also requested transmission of their fund to Czech in a similar manner as Client #1.  I prohibited their request too.  Can you see how popular I became by Wednesday?  By Wednesday I was the epitome of evil.  Usually it takes longer than 3 days into the week to be an evil bitch.

On Friday I received documentation from a colleague in another state in reference to this "GODLY" investment company.  The Securities Exchanges had placed a Cease and Desist order on this organization in the colleagues state.  That's good news.  Except they operate off-shore.  But it's a start. The better news is that Client #1  lives in that state the Cease and Desist order was issued.  I'm hoping it made the paper.

And in the mean time... Music Maestro -  I told ya so, I told ya so,.... I tooold .. ya ..., told... ya....told.. ya... told... ya.... Told Ya So.

Monday  again, let the games begin.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

SHUTDOWN??? Shut Up!!!

Originally when I started this blog I had decided that I would write about the entertainment value of the human being. As of late I haven't actually stumbled on anything so entertaining to actually write about, but I think now I have.  I'll refer to it as SHUTDOWN??  Shutup!!!.

I am not a 'newsy' person like some of my friends and associates. In fact, I find news depressing.  It comes from having a loved one deployed in areas where they were being shot at and CNN covering it "LIVE".  So for the most part I do not really watch the news.  I catch glimpses of it on television and I will turn in to the Daily Show, but since I find it depressing, I avoid it.

So recently the hype has focused on the Government Shutdown.  At midnight tonight the government will do a partial shutdown.  The hype is that all military personnel will be paid by IOU.  I actually find that humorous and  yet sad.  Will our Congressmen and Senator's also receive IOUs? 

How strange, I started this part - who knows when.  Now March 1, 2013 had rolled around and we're all overwhelmed by a new word.  "Sequestration".  It's not a word I'd heard before February.  It's not a word I use on a daily basis, but I was surprised to suddenly hear individuals who were attempting intelligence to utilize the word 'sequestration" in references to other things.   So I Googled It.


The action of taking legal possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met.  - REPO!!!

The government is now in the Repo Business.  Imagine if they'd only budgeted better?
What I'm curious about is how someone can REPO their own possessions? 

Chime in if you wish.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Skinny Dipping

With the New Year and the new commitment to fitness by many of our friends and coworkers, I have noticed a trend in individuals who are 'getting healthy'.  I actually find these individuals quite entertaining in my own mind.  They have decided to get healthy they must eat Salad.  Salad is all that they'll eat during the day.  They may tote in their bag from the store or bring it in a Ziploc reusable container from the house.  But they are a fun group of people to watch.  Here is an easy way to tell that their commitment to healthy life will fail.  <I know, I'm pessimistic> but pay attention.  
           Soakers - They pour dressing over their entire salad.  Lots of dressing.  They're “getting healthier” and typically they have loaded their ‘healthy’ salad up with some of the unhealthiest accessories.
·                                    Dippers – They get their dressing on the side. They dip their fork in the dressing, and stab the vegetation of their choice. They are minimalist.  Minimal accessories.  Tomatoes, Cucumbers, mostly vegetation.

I am a confessed dipper.  I use to pour the dressing over the salad and enjoy every inch of salad covered in every inch of dressing.  Then I realized, I was missing the taste of the salad.   I like minimal accessories.  I refuse to allow cheese on my salad.   Back a few years ago, I dabbled in vegetarianism.  Actually, I was a devoted Vegetarian for over 7 years.   I always remember ordering a GARDEN SALAD only to have them bring cheese on it.  I never understood what plant Cheese came from.  So I refuse to allow cheese on my salad.  I also appreciate the lack of crouton.  

But during the next few months and your progress to healthy or even your progress into watching others and their odd habits, pay attention to the Soakers and the Dippers.  Then make your own choice based on what you want to achieve.  

Until Next Time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The End of the End.

As the last few hours of my 2010 vacation ticks down, I am saddened by the thoughts  of Monday lurking in the darkness.  I will again put on those horrid office clothing and become a productive citizen. 

With the beginning of the New Year in an office, you will see typical behaviors.  It will be quite comical and rather predictable.  Offices all over the country will see similar behaviors.  In fact, many of you will probably witness similar scenarios playing out at your workplace.  They will consist of mainly, the Seasonal Health Conscious Adults.  You know the type, it's their time of the year again.  Tomorrow they will migrate to the break room, bag-o-salad in hand and announce that they are now on "A Program".  These are the group of individuals you can easily make money off of if you're an evil person.   <Visit me after the blog and we'll do side bets on their failures.> 

The Seasonal Health Conscious Adult will in fact announce their goals.  They will adapt new terminology.  "I don't eat that".. Which means, "I really would like a bite of your Whopper with Double Bacon and Cheese, but I'm holding out till after I'm off the clock".  These individuals are bound for failure.  They have no idea how to eat healthier for more than the moment.   They are also broke from Christmas.  As soon as the next payday rolls around and someone mentions the following, "Hey, we're ordering from Olive Garden" - This group of "Temporary Health Conscious Adults" will immediately dig for their wallets, purses or ATM Card to participate in Ooodles of Noodles.  <Another great side bet is to see what local food establishment becomes the breaking point for these individuals.> 

The Seasonal Health Conscious Adult will also explain their program of choice in great detail.  "I"m on the No Fat, No Carb, No Vegetables that have Seeds, No Fruits that you have to boil" or whatever they decide for 2011.  Be patient with these individuals, allow their moment to flow.  It can be profitable as well as completely entertaining.

So as tomorrow rolls around and you take your recyclable, reusable coffee cup to your office for coffee, (quit using the foam cups, it is after all a New Year) remember this simple thing.  We have entered into the beginning of a new decade.  We have announced our resolution of whatever the hell we will probably fail at anyway.  But, we can be entertained by the failures of others.  Friday is just a few days away.  Have a great week.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Every year you hear about New Year's Resolutions.  You know what those things are, they're thing predictions/wishes you'd like to accomplish within the year.  Or typically, "Everything I'm not going to to accomplish in the month of January." 

Here are a list of what I believe America will voice as their 2011 Resolutions.  Based on TV Ads, I'm probably not that far off.

1.  Lose weight.  - Nutra System, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Ab Pro, Hydroxycut, bowflex tredclimber, Need I go on?
2. Get in shape.  - Refer to #1
3. Reduce Debt  - Will save you an average of $43 a year for Insurance, Cash4Gold. Com.
4. Spend more time with the family. -  In order to do that, put down the damn phone.
5. Get Organized. - Quit buying useless stuff, this will help with the organization.

Again, just a few resolutions that seem pretty popular, but seems like set a person up for failure. 
 What's your thoughts?
Happy New Year.


I'm on Vacation this week. My last week of vacation for the year.  I've decided to have a Staycation and hang out at the house.  I'm frugal and I enjoy being at my house.  But even during your vacation you take photos.  So on my first day, this is one of the sites I saw.  BTW, it was 11:38, near lunch time. I'm guessing she was on vacation too.