Monday, May 6, 2013

I Get It....I Just Don't Understand.

I am completely aware of the changes going on.  Not only in the world, but in me.  We are overwhelmed with technology.  Thrown at us from every direction.  I am an old-school technology whore but I think I'm ready for rehab.  We are plugged in all the time to the computer/cell phone/internet whatever.  When most of us were children, we had no idea these things would be developed in our lives.  Now we feel behind when we don't have the newest gadget.    Lately with the updates in apps for your phone for the most popular social network sites.   (Social Network... Isn't that the most peculiar term?  We're suppose to be social, but what it's done is reduced that activity.)  I complained earlier this week on how I know to much about individuals.  I know they "LIKE RICE".. I know where their kids are.  I know they're not at their house all weekend.  It seems odd to me that we're announcing that on the internet.  TO THE WORLD!!!  I can guess what political party you're affiliated by your "LIKES" and post.  Even if you don't announce it to the world, you have.

I think I'm overstimulated by everything.  

Now with that in mind, I also understand the changes in me.  I'm at that age where females have a complete transformation.  Unfortunately I'm short tempered, but  I try to hide it.  I become frustrated because I expect to much from people.  I know I set myself up for disappointment.  So I'm working on not expecting anything from anyone.  That's rather difficult when my lowest expectation is that a person have some form of common sense and I realize I even set that expectation to high.

Tonight I will make Mexican. I'm weird and I like to do theme things.  So I am making tacos and burritos.  Simple food.  The men folk won't eat too odd of meals.  I planned the meal and I'll cook it.  I'll make too much because I think I need to make enough for an army.  I've never actually fed an Army, but I bet I could feed some of them.  I never get the reaction I expect, so I am disappointed in the reaction I get.  The fact I'm not good at cooking but attempt to do something with a theme is a stretch for me.  Then to not feel appreciated is disheartening.

This subject is very disconnected.  That's how my brain works now.  I get why people do what they do, I just don't understand. 

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