Monday, March 4, 2013

The "I Told You So" Dance.

Last week was an incredibly busy week at my office.  I took a call from an older woman on Monday who was planning on investing in a company.  Now I'd made her wait over the previous weekend before she invested because I didn't like the way it sounded.  Now she was new to our organization and immediately wanted to send her hard-earned money to a foreign country.  I spoke with her and she was convinced that everything was legit and I was wrong!  So she sent her money to Australia.  Same day, she wanted to send more money.  I was unaware of this request at first, but became aware by staff a little while later, but I'd started to do research and still wasn't comfortable. So a decision was made and I prohibited her sending a large sum to Czech..

In the meantime, I used channels available to me to broadcast this company out to other organizations and see if anyone else had heard any information on this group. I wasn't comfortable with their process.  I wasn't comfortable with what they were asking individuals to do.  I just had that gut feeling that something just wasn't right.  Always go with that feeling, by the way!  I received some information back, but what I learned is that others that are in my position were experiencing the exact same scenario we were.  Clients wanting to invest large sums of money for high yield investment (HYIP) that they had received or been invited from friends, relatives and church members.   = PONZI

On Tuesday this woman was HOT with me.  I had prevented her from investing in an organization that was "GODLY" and that she was absolutely sure was doing good. Plus, I'd also prevented her from making what she thought was an insane return on her investment.
In the mean time, 2 other clients had also requested transmission of their fund to Czech in a similar manner as Client #1.  I prohibited their request too.  Can you see how popular I became by Wednesday?  By Wednesday I was the epitome of evil.  Usually it takes longer than 3 days into the week to be an evil bitch.

On Friday I received documentation from a colleague in another state in reference to this "GODLY" investment company.  The Securities Exchanges had placed a Cease and Desist order on this organization in the colleagues state.  That's good news.  Except they operate off-shore.  But it's a start. The better news is that Client #1  lives in that state the Cease and Desist order was issued.  I'm hoping it made the paper.

And in the mean time... Music Maestro -  I told ya so, I told ya so,.... I tooold .. ya ..., told... ya....told.. ya... told... ya.... Told Ya So.

Monday  again, let the games begin.

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