Sunday, March 3, 2013

SHUTDOWN??? Shut Up!!!

Originally when I started this blog I had decided that I would write about the entertainment value of the human being. As of late I haven't actually stumbled on anything so entertaining to actually write about, but I think now I have.  I'll refer to it as SHUTDOWN??  Shutup!!!.

I am not a 'newsy' person like some of my friends and associates. In fact, I find news depressing.  It comes from having a loved one deployed in areas where they were being shot at and CNN covering it "LIVE".  So for the most part I do not really watch the news.  I catch glimpses of it on television and I will turn in to the Daily Show, but since I find it depressing, I avoid it.

So recently the hype has focused on the Government Shutdown.  At midnight tonight the government will do a partial shutdown.  The hype is that all military personnel will be paid by IOU.  I actually find that humorous and  yet sad.  Will our Congressmen and Senator's also receive IOUs? 

How strange, I started this part - who knows when.  Now March 1, 2013 had rolled around and we're all overwhelmed by a new word.  "Sequestration".  It's not a word I'd heard before February.  It's not a word I use on a daily basis, but I was surprised to suddenly hear individuals who were attempting intelligence to utilize the word 'sequestration" in references to other things.   So I Googled It.


The action of taking legal possession of assets until a debt has been paid or other claims have been met.  - REPO!!!

The government is now in the Repo Business.  Imagine if they'd only budgeted better?
What I'm curious about is how someone can REPO their own possessions? 

Chime in if you wish.

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