Sunday, January 9, 2011

Skinny Dipping

With the New Year and the new commitment to fitness by many of our friends and coworkers, I have noticed a trend in individuals who are 'getting healthy'.  I actually find these individuals quite entertaining in my own mind.  They have decided to get healthy they must eat Salad.  Salad is all that they'll eat during the day.  They may tote in their bag from the store or bring it in a Ziploc reusable container from the house.  But they are a fun group of people to watch.  Here is an easy way to tell that their commitment to healthy life will fail.  <I know, I'm pessimistic> but pay attention.  
           Soakers - They pour dressing over their entire salad.  Lots of dressing.  They're “getting healthier” and typically they have loaded their ‘healthy’ salad up with some of the unhealthiest accessories.
·                                    Dippers – They get their dressing on the side. They dip their fork in the dressing, and stab the vegetation of their choice. They are minimalist.  Minimal accessories.  Tomatoes, Cucumbers, mostly vegetation.

I am a confessed dipper.  I use to pour the dressing over the salad and enjoy every inch of salad covered in every inch of dressing.  Then I realized, I was missing the taste of the salad.   I like minimal accessories.  I refuse to allow cheese on my salad.   Back a few years ago, I dabbled in vegetarianism.  Actually, I was a devoted Vegetarian for over 7 years.   I always remember ordering a GARDEN SALAD only to have them bring cheese on it.  I never understood what plant Cheese came from.  So I refuse to allow cheese on my salad.  I also appreciate the lack of crouton.  

But during the next few months and your progress to healthy or even your progress into watching others and their odd habits, pay attention to the Soakers and the Dippers.  Then make your own choice based on what you want to achieve.  

Until Next Time.

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